Australia lost Again - Review of 2nd one day

What a complete loss................

Ha ha ha ............ the so called champions. The so called pressure takers. The so called winning experts. The so called "Best Captain" ?????

Australia lost again to India. In the first one day, if bowlers almost won the match for India with their batting, its now batsman's turn with the bat. What a comprehensive performance !!! In this match, India outplayed Aussies in every single department of the game. Batting, Bowling and even for that matter Fielding.

The first mistake that the best captain has made was choosing to field first. Since, Australia was not playing Brett Lee in this match, they should have batted first on an absolute batting track, should have tried to put up huge score and tried to put India under pressure straight away. If Australian bowlers are worried about the dew factor, its better to stop playing cricket and sit in their homes. For International players, dew should not be a concern.But, the Best Captain has other intentions.

Another decision taken by the best captain is to play Shan Marsh on 7th number. Marsh is an expert opener and Paine is the make shift opener. Its like, playing Sehwag on 7th  number and opening the innings with the likes of may be Harbhajan or Jadeja.

When Indian innings was going, Ponting has not even tried to put pressure on the partnership of Gambhir and Dhoni when they were taking singles at will. Out of 119 run partnership, only 24 runs were conceded in boundaries, all the other runs came in singles and twos. Still they were able to establish the partnership in 114 balls. This was the turning point of the match and the best captain did absolutely nothing about it.

So, my suggestion to team Australia would be to stop thinking about comparing Ponting and Sachin and predicting who is best among those, and concentrate on their game. Other wise they may loose again (3rd time in the series) as a result of the century made by Ashish Nehra.

The final score line of the second one day : India 354 / 7 and Australia 255 All out