10 Points about David Shepherd (Umpire) - A tribute

1. David Robert Shepherd born on 27th December 1940.

2. He stood in 92 test matches as umpire and officiated three world cup finals.

3.From 1965 to 1979, he played for Gloucestershire.He has scored 12 centuries and 55 half centuries, with a top score of 153 and completed 10,000 first class runs. He scored 10,672 runs with a batting average of 24.47 and played 282 first class matches.

4. Married a woman called Jennie in 2008, who was his long time partner.
5.in 1981, he has entered into his Umpiring career.
6.He had  a superstition for the Nelson numbers like 111, 222 etc

7.Retired from umpiring in 2005.
8.Awarded by Australia and New Zealand teams.
9.He has awarded with the "Most Excellence Order of the British Empire" in 1987.

10. Passed away on 27th October 2009.