Who said test matches are boring ?

I never understood why people say test matches are boring !!! Test match is the real form of Cricket. Don't believe it ? Look at the day's play between India and Srilanka.

The proceedings were dominated by Srilanka early in the morning. Both pace bowlers were bowling dream spell and the much famous Indian Top Order collapsed. 34/4 in the first hour of play after the end of  first 8 overs.

I was recollecting the recently ended one day between India and Australia where India were 27/5 before 10 Overs.

But, Dravid and Yuvraj have other intentions. Dravid as usual stood like a wall, and come on, how many times he dashes the hopes of opposition captain with his batting ? Dravid was classy and Yuvraj was aggressive. Both amassed the runs in their own style, but what is good to see is the healthy run rate that India has maintained.

Dhoni was once again exceptional and carried on from where he left in the series with Australia. His batting has reduced the pressure on Dravid and both were playing comfortably as if they were in the Nets. The attitude of Indian players today was worth seeing. Dhoni totally deserved his century today, but was out when he could make more.

After two good partnerships, India reached to 385/6 in 90 overs with a good looking run rate of 4.27 by the end of first day's play from 34/4 in Eight overs.

Todays play has shown complete excitement of test Cricket. India, by the end of the day is on TOP. Tomorrow entertainment is guaranteed with Bhajji still on the field.

Today's game also saw two players achieving mile stones. Dravid has past 11000 run mark in Test Cricket and Dhoni finished his 2000 run mark. Congratulations for both of them.

Can't wait for tomorrow.

Join me tomorrow for the continued review.