Ponting gone MAD

Ricky Thomas Ponting has gone mad with India once again.

India repeatedly has become a thorn in his flesh. In the first match Bhajji and PK completely destroyed the morale of Punter and his army. The remaining was sweeped by Dhoni and Raina in the next match.

Now, Ponting has gone mad. So, he has not played Shan Marsh, where he should have played him. The pitch was slow and Indian side is full of slower bowlers, in this case playing extra batsman would have been  a wiser decision.

Is Ponting afraid of Shan Marsh ? Actually by any case Marsh is not a threat to Ponting. Then why this cat and mouse with Marsh ?

The defeat in the 3rd match also would definitely raise questions on the leadership abilities of Ponting again after the loss of Ashes. He somehow succeeded in winning the Chamipion's trophy. If he lose the current series, Cricket Australia should seriousely think about Leadership change. But, unfortunately, CA has no alternative at least for another season.