Almost lost

What a match ..........

What a thrilling encounter ...............

India might have lost ...........but Cricket was the true winner.

Batting Maestro unleashed. Vintage Scahin almost won the match for India single handedly. Praveen once again nearly won it for India.

So shame on Australia.........once again was nearly lost. This match reminded me the match where Australia could not defend 434 against South Africa.

Look at the way both teams have won. India made 354 in Nagpur on a batting surface and restricted Aussies to 255. Today, Australia made a similar score and nearly lost the match.

So shame on world champions. They must feel sad for their performance. I could not stop laughing imagining Ponting's face even though i was travelling during India's batting. My father was sending me SMS of the updates from India.

Just yesterday Ponting gave a statement "we have restricted Tendulkar". Today he would have understood that, no one can stop Tsunami. A runs tsunami.

Once again Hatts Off to India. Shame on Aussies that they nearly lost this match.