What India Needs to do to beat Australia

Indian Cricket Team has always been a thorn in the flesh for Cricket Australia. What should we do to beat Kangaroos ?

Well I think some ideas here.

1. Get Ponting Quickly : Ponting always played well against India. So, getting him quickly is the key. He likes to play uppish square cut early in the innings. Try to put fielders to catch that shot when the ball goes into the air. Putting fielders in the close catching positions will help. He tends to fall over or  play across the stumps early in the innings making him good victim for LBW. So, try to utilise that chance.

2. Put them under Pressure : Australia in several cases under pressure lost matches. Recently concluded Ashes is the best example for that. So, put them under pressure. No team is good against pressure.

3. Test our own bench strength wisely : Its good that, we are testing some new kids. But utilise their services wisely. Australians are masters in putting new players under severe pressure.

4. Do not do too much experimentation : Over experimentation makes teams vulnerable. We all have not forget what Greg Chappel has done with Irfan Pathan.

5. Use Bhajji wisely: Bhajji has always been an irritating factor against Australia. Use him wisely to bring his best out.

6. Play as a team : The main strength of Australian Cricket is team spirit. Only because of that spirit, they have won recently ended Champions trophy. So, palying against them as a team only will work. Don't depend on one or two players too heavily.

7. Never say die : Another factor in Australian cricket is they will not accept their defeat till the last ball. We should also play with that killer instinct.

8. Play Aggressive Cricket : Last but not Least, playing aggressive cricket always puts Australia on the back foot. So, players like Sehwag, Yuvraj and Raina should use their aggressive instincts to put Aussies under pressure.

More importantly do not get offended by sledging . Do not concentrate on what people like Ian Chappel are saying. We all know about Ian Chappel and Greg Chappel. Do not take a step back to give them their own medicine.

I think all the readers agree with the views expressed above.